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Identification of Counterintelligence

by David Griffin

Published 01 Oct, 2011

Updated: 14 Dec, 2011

There is a big difference between an Intelligence Officer and a Counterintelligence Officer.

An Intelligence Officer is concerned with discovering and exposing the truth to view, while the purpose of a Counterintelligence Officer is keeping that truth hidden.

Any Intelligence Officer, as he goes about his task, naturally comes up against Counterintelligence officers, agents, and assets, and their profuse array of programs intended to keep so many truths hidden.

Naturally Counterintelligence, concerned with keeping so many truths hidden from view, would seek to infiltrate and corrupt any intelligence or security services, carefully placing their own agents within so as to thwart and divert their investigations, and keep any data uncovered, hidden, secret, “classified”.

They are also there to “handle” and if needed “eliminate” any particularly troublesome Intelligence officers who pose a significant threat of exposure.

And so it has been, many times on the track.

Counterintelligence would also be very keen on identifying any independent sources of information which might get exposed to the general public, and thus they often set-up controlled groups and apparently publicly visible “investigations”, and encourage people to contact them with any information they have.

*14 Dec, 2011: see note below

This ploy then serves to identify any potential leaks or threats to their programs, and to funnel that information back into a controlled area, so it can be hidden from view again.

A single Intelligence Officer however, acting independently, without a group immediately around him, is very difficult to infiltrate and control.

An army of independent Intelligence Officers, all educated and acting autonomously, without a group around them to exert influence or control; going about their business of investigating and publicly exposing the crimes of the enslaver team, is the worst possible nightmare for Counterintelligence.

After all, who do you think they’re really protecting?

Added: 14 Dec, 2011

Intelligence Officer discusses the new Intelligence Corps back in 2007


Uploaded by TheFreedomlinkRadio on Dec 10, 2011

Note from David: While I agree with many of the things said in this video from 2007, four years later Mr. Steele still seems to be connected to the same "old guard" through the U.S. Army War College:


A quote from that page:

"His latest book, INTELLIGENCE for EARTH: Clarity, Diversity, Integrity, & Sustainability, outlines a course of action for creating public intelligence in the public interest across all organizations, beginning with the United Nations."

In the description found on Amazon is the following;

"This book is intended to be a catalyst for the creation of the United Nations Open-Source Decision-Support Information Network (UNODIN), and the establishment of the Office of the Assistant Secretary General for Decision-Support (ASG/DS)..."

Chapter 1 begins with the following: "Part I consists of seven chapters addressing the United Nations (UN) as the interim foundation for creating the World Brain originally envisioned by H. G. Wells in 1936..."

Then, a bit further along is this: "Nothing about this book is intended to suggest that the UN is now or ever should be any kind of World Government. Rather, the proposal is put forward that the UN, as the most global and multi-functional of the Industrial-Era enterprises, is well-suited to being an intermediate enabler of the transformation from a past in which organizations sought to control information for selfish advantage..."

And then this: "A major premise of this book is brought forward here, to wit, the UN would be more effective if it focused on becoming a truly global information-sharing and sense-making network..."

Chapter 2 is entitled The United Nations (UN) System—A Starting Point

Chapter 3 is entitled The Brahimi Report: Panel on United Nations Peace Operations

Part 6 is entitled UN Open-Source Decision-Support Information Network...

Ref: http://www.oss.net/dynamaster/file_archive/100302/74e15d50750d0b7ff88d72ed18c1fe1c/INTELLIGENCE for EARTH__version 008_onlinePart 1.pdf

For such a highly-trained and seasoned intelligence officer however, I find it odd that he seems to be completely unaware of the role the U.N. has played, and is currently playing in many of the things we see going on around us right now.

For some odd reason, this looks to me like an attempt to gain control of a new vector...

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